Thursday, June 14, 2012

Online Video Everywhere

According to the Q1 Global Video Index Report from Ooyala, Long-form content, videos longer than 10 minutes, accounted for half the total time people spent watching online video in Q1, and the growth trend is expected to continue.

Viewers are watching more videos on their tablets and mobile devices, and for longer periods. The overall share of time watched on smartphones grew by 41% last quarter. The share of time watched on tablets grew by 32%.

Tablet video viewing rises on weekday mornings as people prepare for the day and commute to work, then falls off during work hours as PC viewing picks up. On weekday evenings, tablet video surges as people watch streaming video to end their day. A third of tablet video plays occur between 7pm and 11pm, while only about 17% of PC plays take place over that same window.

On the weekend, the morning “commuter bump” fades on tablets. Mobile video drops 22% on weekend mornings compared to the workweek. And on Saturdays between 4pm and 11pm, viewers watch nearly a third more video on connected TV devices than they do during the week.

Tablet viewing rises in the morning, tails off during through midday, and then surges in the evenings. On a typical weekday, a full third of tablet video plays occur between 7pm and 11pm. Only about 17% of PC plays take place over that same period.

Viewers on connected TVs watch nearly a third more video between 4pm and 11pm on Saturdays than on a typical weekday evening. Most video publishers have a small group of super-engaged viewers. The analysis shows that 10% of a publisher’s audience watches more than five of its videos in a given day. Smart marketers will find new ways to identify and engage these “power viewers.”

Key trends from Q1 2012:

• People are watching more TV shows, movies and long-form videos online, and they are watching for longer periods of time. Long-form content made up more than half of the total time spent watching video in Q1 across all connected devices

• The share rose dramatically from 57% in Q4 2011 to 88% in Q1 2012. Around 40% of the time spent watching online video on mobile and tablets was spent watching long-form videos, compared to 29% for mobiles and 36% for tablets in Q4 2011

• In addition to watching more long-form video, people are watching each video longer across PCs, smartphones and tablets. Tablets recorded the strongest growth, with time per play increasing 58% during the quarter. The same metric grew 36% for smartphones and 24% for PCs

The study finds that, of users who watch video when they visit a domain or use an application, 55% will watch one video over the course of a given day. At the other end of the spectrum, 10% of the publisher’s audience will be highly engaged “power viewers,” watching more than five videos during the day.

The data shows explosive growth in video watched on non-PC devices like tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and connected TV devices. The share of non- PC video plays has tripled in the past nine months alone.

Concluding, the report says that the overall share of time watched for mobile video grew by 41% in Q1, while tablets notched 32% growth. ”Typical” TV viewing is shifting, and not slowly, from broadcast channels on a single screen to mobile, multi-screen viewing experiences- Ooyala

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