Monday, July 1, 2013

Live Video Keeps Viewers Attention Longer Than Video On Demand [study]

Smartphones and tablets increasingly used to watch content

Digital video continues to work its way into the content-viewing habits of consumers around the world. No longer willing to have digital video habits dictated by programmers, networks and cable companies, viewers have shown a fondness for on-demand content. But is video-on-demand (VOD) the most popular form of online video?

Research from video publisher Ooyala suggests otherwise. A March 2013 analysis by the company of its customer and partner database found that digital video viewers were spending substantially longer periods of time watching live video than they were VOD content. In fact, those on PCs spent an average of 40 minutes watching live video on a per-play basis, compared with 3.15 minutes for VOD. Those on tablets spent an average of 16 minutes with live content, and only 3.6 minutes with VOD. A gap also existed among those watching on a mobile device.

Digital video viewers are also spreading their habit across an increasing number of devices, with smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets continuing to grow in popularity. Ooyala found that mobile and tablet views, when added together, accounted for 10% of the total number of online video plays.

Interestingly, tablets showed a higher video completion rate than either PCs or other mobile devices, underscoring how quickly viewers have taken to these portable devices for online video. Ooyala reported that 41.5% of tablet viewers in their database watched videos until their end on the devices, compared with 38.3% on a PC and 33.4% on a mobile device.

Marketers have been quick to follow audiences to these new platforms. A survey by AOL Networks conducted in April 2013 found that a majority of marketing professionals worldwide believed that digital video was better at engaging viewers than traditional television. Almost half thought online video was an improvement over television in creating awareness.-emarketer

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