Monday, August 12, 2013

8 Tips to Make The Most of Video on Mobile

As newspaper penetration falls... the culture itself moves from textual to visual literacy.

It’s no surprise that advances in technology have eliminated (nearly) all barriers and allowed, practically anyone, to capture, store, edit and transmit video clips from multiple devices to each and everyone.

The combination of lowered production costs with the rise and availability of multiple platforms and channels, makes it clear that video is ripe with possibilities.

Video is ripe with possibilities - Dominic Byrne

These days getting noticed is difficult amongst all the highly competitive marketing campaigns and first impressions are critical for success. 

A brief summary from a presentation viewed last week by John Speers, DDI:
There is simply no better way to improve your communication or content than to embrace the power of the visual. The brain deciphers images simultaneously, while language is decoded in a linear, sequential manner. Content must be highly visual based, quality visuals that are borne out of strategic integrity, executed brilliantly and imbued with the brand’s values. 
The same presentation references some supporting numbers from WARC, 2013:
  • Marketers using video in email campaigns generate 40% higher revenue, 55% higher click throughs, 44% greater time engaged and a 41% increase in forwarding.
  • 25% of global internet traffic by 2014 will be mobile.
  • “Rich media is the key to engaging, immersive brand experiences with significantly more positive opinion to interactive ads, permitting a deeper brand-to- consumer conversation, which leads to a longer dwell time, 31% more.” (InMobi).
All the stats floating around the internet about video are on graphs that point north, particularly combined with the penetration of mobile.


With video consumption on mobile going through the roof, by tomorrow it will be too late as video advertising across all platforms becomes the norm and your audience suffers complete saturation, so get on it now and capitalize on early mover advantage.

8 tips to remember:
• Be timely

• Narrow your target
• Use whatever CRM data matching is possible
• Be relevant
• Put the creative in context
• O
ffer an immersive and engaging experience,
• Measure against your business objectives

• Use analytics and insights in each campaign to evaluate and direct your next steps.

The one caveat: video at a commercial level costs money, and quality production takes time.

Check out all the new ad formats including pre-roll, multi-selector pre-roll, interactive, click to rich, overlays, interstitial, calls-to-action, choose your own adventure and social sharing buttons to ensure you drive post-play interaction.

Start targeting and promoting specific messages based on segmentation, personalization and localization. Use video and mobile as a key ingredient to building your brand.-eConsultancy

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