Friday, December 13, 2013

Executives Say Live Video Is Effective For Business [study]

Ustream and Wainhouse Research, have published research that shows 6 in 10 executives watch live online video for use in business communications, such as employee meetings, workplace training sessions, or online video to connect directly with prospects and customers. Executives are leveraging online video to disseminate their messages to global audiences.

Online Video Effective Business Communication

There were 1,007 executives that took a survey about online video and business. Of those executives, 78% said online video is effective for business communications.

78% Of Executives Class Live Video As An Effective Business Tool [Report]

The more senior the executive, the more important they thought it was. For example, 65% of C-level execs think it effective for business communications, 45% in upper management positions, 33% in mid-management and just 15% in associate level positions.

Live Video Tops On-Demand

Ustream and Wainhouse say that 72% of those surveyed prefer live video to on-demand for business communications. Live is more interesting and more effective versus on-demand, which would be more of a reference medium for archival purposes and not as effective in disseminating information in a timely fashion. Download the report.

78% Of Executives Class Live Video As An Effective Business Tool [Report]

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