Friday, February 21, 2014

Ad Views For Branded Videos Surge In Q4

Total video ad views up more than 50% year over year in Q4 2013
Branded video ad views worldwide were more than 50% year over year in Q4 2013, from 1.78 billion to 2.71 billion, according to a February 2014 report from Visible Measures. The analysis defined branded video as “all video produced by a brand and distributed online.”

Quarter-over-quarter growth was also impressive. After dipping to 1.71 billion in Q3 2013, total views rebounded, increasing by nearly 60%.

The last quarter of each year includes the holiday shopping season, so it’s no surprise that the electronics industry—a top gift category—ranked No. 1 for number of branded video views. Videos focused around electronics products pulled in 365.0 million views. Samsung’s Galaxy 11 and GoPro’s “How Will You GoPro?” campaigns were both cited as top campaigns for the industry.

The automotive category took second place in number of videos viewed during Q4 2013, with 308.3 million. Visible Measures reported that this was somewhat of a surprise, calling out Volvo Trucks’ live test videos and Dodge’s Ron Burgundy campaign as major drivers. Auto companies may have also seen success due to campaigns launched in an effort to promote year-end sales.-eMarketer

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