Sunday, February 15, 2015

Visible Measures To Guarantee Video Viewability

Visible Measures announced a 100% viewable video solution, guaranteeing that brands will capture consumer attention. Their offering is unique in that it guarantees one interaction or at least 30 seconds of attention, as well as the MRC and IAB viewability recommended standard of 50 percent of pixels in-view for at least two continuous seconds.

The industry has long sought a video solution that offers viewability standards that ensure video advertising is actually in an environment where real consumers can view it. According to Business Insider’s Intelligence report “Ad Viewability: How Industry Groups, Advertisers, and Ad Tech Vendors are Defining and Fixing the Problem,” rates of viewability across ad platforms ranged from 35 – 50 percent in Q2 2014.

In response, industry players, including Visible Measures, have called for an overall marketplace solution, advocating for a single open-source technology, Open Video Viewability, for measuring ad viewability aligned with agreed upon industry standards.

“Viewability standards are a major pain point for advertisers. Without this accountability, brands can’t be assured as to whether consumers are actually seeing their video ads. In other words, you may be paying for something you actually don’t get,” said Brian Shin, CEO of Visible Measures. “Our viewable video solution is a direct response to this need, extending the IAB and MRC suggested definitions, to guarantee consumer attention.”

Visible Measure's video solution guarantees consumer attention with competitive cost-per-view pricing, because they’ve become so proficient in optimizing for viewability, they simply don’t charge their advertisers when an impression isn’t viewable. In other words they guarantee 100% of their paid media delivery to be viewable. Beyond that, they only charge when a user interacts with your video at least once, or watches for at least 30 seconds.

They are the first company to undergo its own MRC accreditation for viewability, while also supporting third party verification with companies such as Moat.

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