Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to Make Your YouTube Page Stand Out

To promote your brand and reach new consumers, all businesses can benefit from a strong online video presence. YouTube, with an estimated 1 billion unique users every month, is too big to ignore. And as the second-biggest search engine behind parent company Google, YouTube offers those who keep their channel updated with content and optimized have the opportunity to reach many prospects.

As with any marketing communications, YouTube channels must be attractive, easy to navigate and quickly searchable. You need to organize your channel interface and content.

Search Engine Optimization
To maximize YouTube’s potential as a marketing tool, it is essential to utilize SEO techniques, similar to what you do on websites. Identify good keywords that tie in with your brand and your video content. Study popular search terms and adjust your videos to the needs of your audience. The YouTube Keyword Tool is a great free tool available and can help you find key search terms and phrases often searched for on YouTube.

Implement your keyword strategy across your video content
Identifying a group of keywords to use throughout your video content is a key organizational technique. It ensures your videos  are relevant to a given search term found on YouTube. Use keywords in the title, description and tags sections of your videos. The title of your video is extremely important and prominently displayed both to YouTube’s algorithm and to users. Supplement each video with a keyword-rich description foralgorithms and users, and use a variety of well-chosen tags to boost your videos’ searchability and results.

Create playlists
Well-organized channels have playlists. Group videos about similar subjects together, along with their respective keywords. A playlist with a keyword-rich title informs YouTube about the information contained in the videos listed. Organizing related material into a playlist improves the search process and allows easier viewer navigation.

Organize your content properly
Content should be organized according to its subject matter and relevance rather than the number of views it has had or the comments it has attracted.

Update content regularly
The highest-ranked channels are always those continually updated with new content. Sharing, liking, and comments should be encouraged, as channel authority is derived from how people have interacted with the content and the algorithm. Monitor your channel with YouTube’s analytics suite or a other popular social monitoring tools. If you see certain videos in your channel are more popular and illicit more interaction, create additional content on the same subject.

Use social media and video advertising to promote your content

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