Friday, January 31, 2014

Social Networks Play A Leading Role in Online Video Discovery

How do frequent online video viewers find the content they watch?
Yahoo posed the question to 1,775 consumers aged 16-44 who watch online video at least several times a week, finding that almost 8 in 10 find videos through social means, with 50% finding them through their social network and 45% from word-of-mouth. Not far behind, more than 7 in 10 discover videos by some form of browsing, most commonly by browsing online (45%), but also through recommendations while watching videos (34%).

Video viewers also discover content by actively seeking it out: half of the respondents reported finding videos through video aggregators and more than one-third through search engines.

Ads play a smaller role: only about 1 in 5 reported finding content as the result of an ad.

The study indicates that video discovery varies with the type of content being watched. So while video aggregators are the top discovery source for online video clips and music videos, word-of-mouth is the leading way by which these frequent viewers come across originals, TV programs, and movies.

In terms of online video sharing, 59% say they share videos on social networks of relevance to their friends and family, while 45% share them on social to connect with friends and family. By next year, though, roughly half of the respondents said they would be more selective about what they share. Perhaps as a result, only one-third expect the Facebook newsfeed to be dominated by video.-MarketingCharts

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