Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Must Have Marketing Metrics to Measure Digital Video Ad Success

Merging video ad metrics is a must for measuring digital video advertising and it can be as simple as tallying impressions or as complex as tracking the reactions of audiences viewing ads across multiple screens, according to a new eMarketer report, “Digital Video Ad Metrics: Making the Most of the Measurement Toolbox.”

Video ad metrics are tricky. Several metrics are popularly used but often inadequate by themselves—such as impressions and clickthrough rates (CTRs). But even more robust metrics—such as completion rates—work best when viewed together with other prime metrics, such as social activities and brand health studies.

Metrics can be compared with tools, with the right tool for the right job making work easier. For video advertising, the right job is determined by the marketer’s objectives—from high-level brand awareness to direct-response conversions.

The three metrics most used among agency and brand professionals when buying digital video ads, according to an October 2013 study from BrandAds, were impressions, clicks and completions.

But just because a metric is widely used does not mean it is the most useful. The same research found that brand lift studies and viewability analysis were two metrics that would influence video media planning and buying tactics for about three-quarters of respondents—if a third party provided those means. (The same survey also found that a strong majority of agency and brand respondents did not have access to tools to measure the impact of their digital video ad campaigns.)

Integrating digital video ad metrics is essential—and difficult. A key step to help marketers both merge metrics and uncover further information is clarity about objectives for that campaign at that time.

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