Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Tool Simplifies Video Ad Management on Wednesday introduced a new ad management product for video called App Center, which aims to make it easier for advertisers and publishers that buy and sell inventory using the video ad exchange to manage working with the 100+ technology providers in the video advertising ecosystem.

With App Center, third parties simply embed their special functions -- whether it be data, rich media, measurement, verification, etc. If you wanted to run a campaign with say, Innovid, which is App Center’s launch partner, and add a layer of targeting with data from BlueKai (also a launch partner), you can do this with a few simple clicks -- you can effectively make the buy without needing to leave App Center. does the billing and invoicing too.

To be sure, there is a daunting number of video networks, audience measurement platforms, data management platforms, ad exchanges and others for buyers and sellers of video to work with. If can streamline the process of managing all these relationships, then there is certainly a market for it. The trick will be getting all 100+ video advertising vendors to jump on board.

Because of this, has announced App Center a week early -- its official launch date is May 31-- so that more technology providers have time to add their APIs to it.

"Given the complexities of the video ad landscape, the promise of TV and video advertising cannot be fulfilled by one single company," said Teg Grenager, co-founder and vice president of "What buyers and sellers need is a platform that aggregates all the best brand technologies and provides automated tools to manage them."-Ross Fadner, MediaPost

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